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Window cleaning is a lot of work that you may want to outsource to a San Diego window cleaning company. You'll get exceptional results from Progressive Cleaning Service, your local expert cleaning company in San Diego. We can get rid of the grime on the inside and outside of your windows. Our professionals know how to make your entire property sparkle!

Regular exterior window cleaning service from our professionals will prevent glass etching problems. As grime builds up on the glass, the wind will continually push it along the surface. Once the glass gets etched bad enough, the windows look cloudy because of all the tiny scratches. This is permanent damage that no amount of window cleaning can remedy.

If you would like to set up a free window cleaning estimate, or you have questions about our services, please feel free to give us a call. We're always happy to assist you in any way we can!

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Why Choose Us For Window Cleaning?

Professional window cleaning is one of the specialty cleaning services we offer to our commercial and residential clients. Unfortunately, improper window cleaning methods can also permanently etch the glass. The process can scour the glass if it's too abrasive. Our professionals make sure there's no damage to the windows when we clean them. We are trained in the most modern and effective window cleaning techniques.

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Let us customize a cleaning service program for your San Diego area home or commercial building. We can develop a program that meets your individual needs and budget goals. Whether you need us to help you with specialty services like window cleaning and floor waxing for your home or you need a complete commercial cleaning and janitorial package, we are here to meet your service needs.

If you are looking for a professional San Diego window cleaning company, please call us at 619-303-2251 or fill out our online request form.