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Cleaning Services in San Diego, CA

Progressive Cleaning Service offers a complete range of cleaning services to San Diego area residents and businesses. In addition to our standard cleaning and janitorial services, our cleaning company offers specialty services such as window cleaning, stain removal, and post-construction cleaning.

With Progressive Cleaning Service, you can expect to get reliable service from experienced cleaning technicians who can help you keep your home or commercial building in a clean and orderly condition. We have the skill to perform all types of light and heavy cleaning duties which can be tailored to your unique needs. If you're looking for a San Diego cleaning service you can trust, get your free estimate and consultation today!

Window Cleaning Services

window cleaning

Professional window cleaning is one of the specialty cleaning services we offer to our commercial and residential clients. Unfortunately, improper window cleaning methods can also permanently etch the glass. The process can scour the glass if the wrong tools and cleaners are used. Our professionals make sure there's no damage to the windows.

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Floor Cleaning Services

floor cleaning

If you own a home or commercial building, you know how quickly your floors get dirty. Floor cleaning seems to be a daily routine which can't be put off for too long. Floor cleaning can be time consuming and difficult. Let us help you keep up with the floor cleaning maintenance instead. We can do a meticulous job quickly and efficiently.

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Floor Waxing Services

floor waxing

In addition to commercial floor waxing services, our San Diego cleaning company provides residential floor waxing services. If you are a local homeowner or business owner, we can keep your hard floors clean, waxed, and polished. Our experienced professionals have the skill, equipment, and dedication to make sure your floors look stunning!

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Stain Removal Solutions

stain removal

We are always willing to customize our service to meet your needs. We often find that carpet stains can get so set in that the entire carpet has become a completely different color. If you need to have your wall-to-wall carpeting cleaned, we offer complete floor cleaning and stain removal services to San Diego area residents and business owners.

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Building Maintenance

building maintenance

We can help you keep your commercial property in the kind of shape that makes you proud! We know every business will have different building maintenance needs. All our building maintenance services are customizable to the unique needs of your business. Our professionals have the skill and experience to assist you with all your service needs.

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Janitorial Services

janitorial services

Our San Diego cleaning company makes sure you get quality, dependable janitorial services you can rely on. We know you don't have to settle for anything less than the best when it comes to the cleaning and maintenance of your commercial building! We work hard to ensure you have a clean and well-maintained building that always looks its best.

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Commercial Building Cleaning

commercial building cleaning

If you've been looking for commercial cleaning services you can trust, call our San Diego cleaning company to get a quote. Progressive Cleaning Service offers a full line of high-quality commercial cleaning services to local restaurants, medical offices, corporate offices, industrial facilities, car dealerships, specialty businesses, and more.

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Restaurant Cleaning

restaurant cleaning

If you own or manage a restaurant and aren't happy with the quality of service you're getting from your restaurant cleaning company, or your employees aren't able to do a good job, call Progressive Cleaning Service. We would be happy to get the dirty work done for you. After all, you and your staff have much more important things to worry about!

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Industrial Cleaning

industrial cleaning

If you are looking for an industrial cleaning service you can always depend on, call us for a quote. We are the experienced professionals who have the skill and cleaning equipment to get the job done right. Our industrial cleaning team can help you keep your industrial property in tip-top shape. Let us help you with a custom cleaning program today.

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Medical Office Cleaning

medical office cleaning

Our professional medical office cleaning services are available to San Diego area medical clinics, dentist's offices, doctor's offices, imaging centers, medical supply stores, and other healthcare facilities. If you would like to set up a consultation and estimate with one of our specialists, don't hesitate to call. We are happy to assist you in any way we can.

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Post-Construction Cleaning

post construction cleaning

Hiring a professional post-construction clean-up service is the easy way to deal with all the mess that construction leaves behind. The most significant mess to clean will be drywall dust, which is very difficult to remove. Whether you're planning construction for your home or commercial building, you can rely on Progressive Cleaning Service.

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Office Building Cleaning

office cleaning

Progressive Cleaning Service is dedicated to your complete satisfaction with our office cleaning services. Our professionals know how to clean office buildings right. We take special care not to cross-contaminate surfaces in the bathrooms when cleaning, and we never cut corners when it comes to our work. Our team fulfills their assigned duties.

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If you are looking for a professional cleaning service company in the San Diego area, please call us at 619-303-2251 or fill out our online request form.